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Photograph of James Morris

First Person

A community peace mobilizer in South Sudan talks about growing up in a culture of war.

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Fall 2012

A women carries a sewing machine on her head.

Cover Story

Beyond war in Sudan

MCC works to build peace and hope in the world’s newest nation, which is still reeling from decades of war and ongoing tensions.

First Person: James Morris

Photo of a group working on a chart.


Gaining tools for peace and justice

At the MCC-supported School of Peace, students from Asia and around the world explore how to work against injustice.

Photo of a women standing in front of field.


Hunger and hope in Ethiopia

Food-for-work and emergency food assistance projects help families better survive periods of drought.

Responding to drought: Frew Boriso


On assignment:

Women’s development worker


Hello South Sudan(for children)

Making a difference:

Christmas Giving

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Find a one-page printable pdf of children's content related to South Sudan or explore more of MCC's children's resources.

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